These beautiful tasty limited edition flavors use the highest quality ingredients possible to deliver mouth-watering bursts of flavor each time you vape, taking your taste buds on a journey to another planet

EVO BAR Black Edition

With a wide array of amazingly highly refined flavors to choose from, the by EVO is a product that you can rely on for you store or chain

SALT NICOTINE: 5% (50MG/ML), 3% (30MG/ML) & 0% (OMG/ML)
PUFFS: 5000
COIL: Mesh

black edition

Ultimate flavor special edition flavors

Blue Slushie

Bold & blue, this ultimate blue raspberry slush will blow your mind

citrus punch

A supreme blend of zesty lemons, zingy limes and sweet oranges  

Root Beer float

A generous scoop of vanilla ice cream floating on top of the legendary all American drink Root Beer.

Fuji Apple ice

Satisfy your senses with Japanese Fuji apples and shaved ice and open your minds eye

Strawberry Raspberry

Scrumptious strawberries hand ground and blended with tangy raspberries creating an irresistible flavor

sub zero

Bring back the ice age with this devilishly cool vape

Apple Cider

A warm and cozy autumn flavor of fresh apple cider with a hint of spice

Baja Blast

A tropical and refreshing blend of exotic fruits with a splash of blue raspberry

Blue Razz Lemonade

A tart and tangy lemonade flavor with a burst of blue raspberry

Chocolate Mint

A rich and decadent chocolate flavor infused with refreshing mint

Strawberry Fanta

A sweet and bubbly vape juice with the taste of juicy strawberry Fanta soda

Sweet & Sour

A balanced and tangy vape juice that combines sweetness and sourness

Pineapple Strawberry Banana

A tropical and fruity blend of ripe pineapple, juicy strawberry, and creamy banana

White Gummy

A playful and fruity flavor of white gummy bears with a touch of sweetness

Passionfruit Strawberry

A tropical and sweet combination of juicy passionfruit and ripe strawberries


A classic and sophisticated flavor of rich tobacco with a hint of caramel

Sour Bites

A tangy and sour vape juice that delivers a burst of flavor in every puff

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