evo DRIP – Disposable Sub Ohm

Original & unique flavors

PUFFS: 4500
COIL: Mesh

Tropical Energy

Fresh blend of Tropical fruits blended with a delicious energy drink

strawberry pina colada

The perfect blend of strawberries, coconut & pineapple with a Caribbean twist

apple watermelon

A thirst quenching mix of apple and watermelon

Vanilla Custard tobacco

A perfect blend of creamy vanilla custard with Tobacco that is guaranteed to satisfy


A flavor that will make you say what the F**k

watermelon Lemonade

Juicy watermelons freshly blended with limes and a spoonful of sweetness

Mango lemonade

Ripe squeezed mangoes poured into a glass of fresh lemonade & topped with crushed ice

watermelon ice

Succulent watermelons crushed on ice

cool mint

A powerful blast of mint that delivers a refreshing arctic minty flavor

peach ice

A mouth watering experience of fresh peaches and ice

Watermelon bubblegum

Sweet chewy bubblegum with mouthwatering juicy watermelons

Mango Ice

A exotic journey complete with ripe mangoes and crushed ice

strawberry Kiwi

A smooth blend of strawberries & kiwi fruits

sour apple

A tongue tingling tree of sour apples

Ice Skittles

Blended fruity candies, your taste buds should expect a surprise with each vape

Blue Slushie

Bold & blue, this ultimate blue raspberry slush will not disappoint

Peach Mango Strawberry

A smooth blend of strawberries & kiwi fruits

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