Enjoy the new OG7000 Vape Device, a game-changer in vaping. With a 600mAh battery, it offers long-lasting performance. Choose from 0%, 2%, 3%, and 5% nicotine options for a personalized experience. Enjoy an incredible 7000 puffs and a generous 15ml liquid capacity.

SALT NICOTINE: 5% (50MG/ML), 3% (30MG/ML), 2% (20MG/ML) & 0% (OMG/ML)
PUFFS: 7000
COIL: Mesh

Tripple Berry ice

A frosty trio of mixed berries – think strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, all wrapped in a chilly embrace. It’s a berry blast with a cool, invigorating finish.

Watermelon Ice

Enjoy the quintessential taste of summer with juicy, sweet watermelon finished with a brisk, icy exhale. It’s a refreshing, cool slice of watermelon on a hot day.

Watermelon Lime ice

A tantalizing mix of sweet watermelon and zesty lime, topped off with an icy chill. This flavor is a vibrant, refreshing twist on a classic summer duo.

Blue Razz Ice

A refreshing blast of tangy blue raspberry, intertwined with a crisp, cool icy finish. This flavor is like a polar plunge into a sweet, berry-infused wonderland.

Blueberry Lemon

A zesty and invigorating fusion of plump, ripe blueberries and the tangy zest of sun-kissed lemons. It’s a bright, joyful dance of fruit flavors on your taste buds.

Cool Mint

Experience the essence of freshness with this clean, pure minty sensation. Cool Mint is like a breath of frosty air, delivering a smooth, refreshing mint flavor that invigorates your senses.

Pineapple Grapefruit

A tropical concoction that marries the zing of citrusy grapefruit with the sweet, luscious notes of ripe pineapple. It’s a sunny escape in every puff.

Raspberry Watermelon

Dive into a juicy blend of succulent watermelon and tart raspberries. This flavor is a harmonious blend of summer fruits, creating a sweet yet slightly tangy sensation.

Strawberry Cherry Peach

Indulge in the lush sweetness of strawberries, the deep, rich notes of cherries, and the sun-ripened, velvety touch of peaches. This trio offers a decadent fruit medley.

Strawberry Lemonade

A refreshing blend of ripe strawberries and zesty lemonade. It’s like sipping on a cool, fruity beverage on a hot summer day, with a balance of sweetness and tang.


Brace yourself for an intensely cool and icy experience. Sub-Zero is like an arctic expedition for your taste buds, delivering a supremely chilling mint flavor.

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